To contribute to a healthy society that values and protects the rights of all children while affording them opportunities for growth learning and fulfilling their full potential.

Our Primary Target: -girls Aged 8-17 years, Youth 18- 25, Children with disability.

Secondary Target; – Community Members, Leaders and Policy Makers.


To preserve, promote and protect healthy cultural practices while abandoning harmful ones, to empower and equip pastoralist communities with education, skills and opportunities for holistic socio-economic development and stability.


Grassroots actions for global impact.

Our Main Objectives

To promote girls education and end harmful cultural practices that violate the rights of girls and women in the society.

Our Core Values

  • We protect all children regardless of gender, religion or cultural background.
  • We believe that local problems have local solutions hence the community we work with must be involved 100% in designing, implementing and evaluation of projects.
  • Our program is aimed at equipping the community to address its issues hence we must not create dependence through giving hand outs.
  • We believe in dialogue as our means of promoting behaviour and social change.

Thematic Areas

  • Gender and economic empowerment.
  • Leadership and governance.
  • Human rights-child rights and protection.
  • Education.
  • Environment conservation and sustainable development.

Specific Targets

  • Girls education and empowerment.
  • Youth leadership development.
  • Environment conservation.
  • Child rights andprotection.
  • Ending harmful cultural practices.
  • Protection and inclusion of minority groups such as people with disability, among other marginalized groups.

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